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Product quality and environmental responsibility

In addition to having an internal staff of research and development experts, Avon works with renowned scientists all over the world to ensure we continue to provide affordable, state-of-the art products, whilst pushing the boundaries of beauty innovation and product technology.

Quality control
Product quality and safety are of paramount importance to Avon, and the company seeks to ensure that products meet our own very high standards by controlled laboratory tests at every stage of development and manufacturing. Volunteers are invited to try our products to help evaluate their efficacy and to ensure that they are both easy and pleasant to use. 

Environmental responsibility
Around the world systems are in place to reduce packaging waste and energy consumption, and to promote and measure re-use or recycling wherever possible. New packaging materials and production methods are evaluated as they are developed and Avon challenges itself to ensure that products and business operations fulfil a healthy balance of meeting consumer demands while having regard for environmental responsibility.

On the back of all our Brochures, you will see this logo:

This is the logo for the PEFC Council (The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes), a worldwide organisation promoting sustainable forest management through forest certification and labelling of forest based products. Products with the PEFC claim and/or label deliver confidence that the raw material originates in sustainably managed forests.

We are also a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant
The Australian Packaging Covenant is a significant step in our efforts to ensure the effective, efficient and environmentally sustainable manufacture, use management and disposal of packaging materials. Avon is committed to the Covenant, and actively promotes a nationally effective approach to the lifecycle management of packaging and paper - including reduction, recovery, re-use and recycling. To read more about our commitment to the Covenant, click here.


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