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Our Products

Avon products are synonymous with quality and value. What began as a perfume business selling products door-to-door in 1886 in New York is now one of the world’s largest direct selling companies.

Avon continues to lead the beauty industry with first-to-market products and industry exclusive advancements. Here is a snapshot of the products we sell:


Avon makeup is created using True Color Technology, a scientific first in the makeup industry. The unique self-renewing pigments mean that lipsticks, eyeshadows and lip glosses stay colour-true for longer. This technology also means that the colour you see on the product is the same colour that will be transferred to your skin - what you see is what you get with Avon!

For more information, visit the Avon Makeup Hub here.

SkincareSkin Care

Avon’s ANEW skin care range is an industry leader with global first-to-market advances in skin care. With a team of researchers and developers in the USA who undergo extensive testing and trials, Avon was the first to mass market anti-aging technology with Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA). In 2013 Avon’s patented A-F33 range hit the market, making huge waves in the anti-ageing beauty industry.

Avon Instinct Fragrance

We offer a range of fragrances for men and women, from premium designer fragrances to the more classic and everyday fragrances. Our team of master perfumers is always working to invent new scents and complementary pampering treats.

At Avon we believe in collaborating with the biggest celebrities and exclusive perfumers to bring you the most exciting and awe-inspiring fragrances for her and for him!

Avon Naturals Bath and Body

Our Bath and Body range has something for everyone to make sure you stay fresh, moisturised and feeling great every day. Our Skin-So-Soft range is an indulgent collection of sensual softeners for the silkiest skin ever. It was first launched in 1961, making it Avon’s most recognised brand. Avon Naturals are fantastic everyday value products created with the best ingredients and with refreshing, invigorating fragrances.

Argan Oil Hair Care

Avon offers a range of hair care products from shampoos and conditioners to treatments and tools. Our Advance Techniques brand offers a truly innovative range of hair care and styling products that bring Avon’s newest technological advancements to life. Highly effective, customised products deliver visible and touchable differences to the hair.

Learn more about Advance Techniques here.

Kardashian Kollection Fashion and Home

Avon offers a range of fashion, jewellery and accessories, homewares and gifts. We are always focused on offering innovative, on-trend and affordable products and have partnerships with a number of well-known brands. From Kardashian Kollection handbags and accessories to Neoflam kitchen storage containers, there is something to suit everyone with Avon.

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