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Brief history

The roots of Avon can be traced back to 1886, when struggling door-to-door salesman David McConnell made the decision to sell perfumes, rather than books to New York homes.

Known in those days as The California Perfume Company, the business quickly prospered and Mr. McConnell appointed his first General Agent, Mrs. Albee. At a time before women even had the right to vote, Mrs. Albee was instrumental in establishing the unique sales method that continues to be Avon's hallmark today.

David McConnell had aspirations to expand his company overseas and recognised the need to change the company name. Having been enchanted by the beauty of Stratford upon Avon during a visit to England, David McConnell was inspired, and in 1939 he chose the name 'Avon' for his growing international company.

In 1963, operations began in Australia, followed by New Zealand in 1978 and today Avon is the top direct selling company in the country with growing market share in the Australian beauty market.

There are many thousands of Representatives across both Australia and New Zealand enjoying the opportunity to earn as an Avon Sales Representative, and these Representatives deliver a wide range of exclusive, high quality products to millions of people across Australia and New Zealand.



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