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Healthy Forests

Healthy Forests, Beautiful World

We’re committed to ending deforestation.

Healthy Forests, Beautiful World is Avon’s global reforestation fundraising initiative. Avon is committed to helping end deforestation—a crisis that endangers the health and wellbeing of our society and environment.

Healthy Forests, Beautiful World raises funds through the sale of environmentally conscious products in over 50 countries. It continues Avon’s ongoing global commitment to the environment, with 100% of profits supporting The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Thanks to the efforts of our supportive Customers and Representatives, we are proud to say that by the end of 2013, we had raised more than $6.8 million globally for TNC and WWF. Our donations supported rainforests in Brazil and Indonesia, two of the world’s most critically endangered ecosystems.

Active sustainability

They say that change begins at home – or, in our case, the Avon head office. As part of the Avon Paper Promise, adopted in 2010 and developed in conjunction with WWF, we’re striving to minimise our paper use across Australia and New Zealand by making our most paper-intensive processes digital. Avon is a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant and actively promotes a nationally effective approach to the lifecycle management of packaging and paper. Avon Brochures also carry the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC) logo indicating that our raw materials originate from sustainably managed forests.

In March 2011, Avon adopted the Avon Palm Oil Promise, outlining the company's guidelines for purchasing sustainably sourced palm oil. While Avon is not a significant user of palm oil, we recognise the threat that its production poses to our forests and are committed to taking a leadership role and driving influence in this sphere. To this end, Avon joined the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) with the objective of promoting the growth and use of sustainable palm oil products. The production of sustainable palm oil through the GreenPalm program means that for every tonne of palm oil derivative we use in the production of our products, Avon has paid a voluntary premium to a palm oil producer operating within the strict RSPO guidelines for social and environmental responsibility.

Supporting reforestation

Forests are vital to the survival of all living creatures. Reforestation, as a result, is critical to the survival of our planet. Avon recognises the importance of reforestation and is committed to finding and funding practical solutions.

  • Funding from Avon’s reforestation program has enabled TNC and its partners to plant and protect more than 4 million trees in Brazil
  • Through Avon funding, Borneo’s Sebangau National Park generates local income through nursery development, planting and maintenance contracts
  • Avon supports the WWF New Trees program, a six-year reforestation program focused on community-based planting, monitoring and maintenance of more than 148,000 tree seedlings covering more than 370 hectares of degraded forests across Indonesia
  • Avon is funding a new project in the Heart of Borneo that engages local communities on reforestation and agroforestry projects, providing habitat for elephants and orangutans and helping to benefit local livelihoods

Where do our funds go?

Avon donates funds to two different global organisations:

Healthy Forests