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Make up Questions and Answers

Where is the best place to test a foundation on my skin?
Don't test foundation on your hand, as it's never the same skin tone as your face. The best place is along your jaw line, and if the foundation disappears into your skin then that's the right shade for you. Always test in natural daylight.

When should I use loose powder and when should I use pressed powder?
There are no set rules! Some people prefer to use a loose powder and some prefer pressed. However, loose powder is ideal to help set your foundation and pressed powder is easy to carry around and therefore is ideal to use to touch-up throughout the day.

Help! How do I tame my unruly eyebrows?
Beautifully shaped brows frame your eyes and give you an instant facelift, so it's worth investing in great tweezers, such as Avon’s Precision Tweezers. Once you’ve plucked them into shape, define with a brow pencil that matches your hair colour and brush through.

My eyeshadow always creases. What can I do to prevent this?
Many of Avon’s eyeshadow formulations actually help prevent creasing, but if you do still find this to be a problem it could be because you have too much moisture on your eyelids. This can happen if you have naturally oily skin or if you have just applied an eye cream to your lids. Before applying makeup allow at least 5 minutes for any moisturiser to sink into your skin and, if necessary, a light dusting of loose powder will help absorb any extra moisture.

I've got quite thin lips and want to make more of my pout. Are there any tricks for fuller looking lips?
Apply your preferred shade of lipstick using a lip brush to the upper and lower lips, and then use a lighter shade in the middle of your bottom lip. Remember dark, matte shades will make lips look smaller. Finally add a touch of gloss to the centre of your lips for an Oscar winning pout!

I have very fine lines around my mouth and this causes my lipstick to feather. Can you help?
Regular use of a specialised lip treatment like Beyond Color Lip Conditioner will help prevent lines around the lips. When applying lipstick, always use a lip liner in a matching or nude shade to outline your lips to act as a barrier and prevent the lipstick from bleeding.

How can I keep my make up tools clean?
It's important to keep your make up kit clean, especially brushes, as they'll gather bacteria that will be transferred onto your skin, leading to spots. Clean brushes regularly by soaking in warm water with a little shampoo, rinse well and leave to dry naturally.

Sometimes my skin looks dull and lacklustre. How can I fake a healthy glow?
Flawless skin isn't about piling on the foundation. Exfoliate regularly and try using True Luminous Moisturising Make up Base underneath your foundation. It's lightweight and will leave your skin looking radiant.

I'm quite pale. How do I fake a sunkissed complexion?
Illuminating Face Pearls are great for adding a subtle glow to fair skin. In the summer a light dusting of Arabian Glow Bronzing Pearls on your cheekbones, temple and bridge of your nose will give you a natural, sunkissed look.